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Christopher E. Douglass

August 25, 1979 - May 31, 2008
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By Chris Douglass

The whole scene had the feel of two strangers standing next to each other at a bus stop late at night. Both seem like descent guys so there is no need to be on guard or nervous.
I looked at him for at least a minute, marveling at the tiny details of his wings and body that I had never taken the time to notice on other dragonflies.

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Billy's Sunday
Night Sermon

By: Chris Douglass

I exited the highway in a small town in western New York - the town shall remain nameless to protect the innocent. Suffice it to say it was within ten miles of a Wal-Mart - and stopped at the first bar I found. The Pats were about to put a hurtin' on the Bills and I couldn't resist watching this amongst New Yorkers.

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Chris' Life
Chris at the Mt. Desert Island Marathon 2006 - Photo from Jamie

The Man with a Plan.....

Chris was born on Aug. 25, 1979, in Farmington, Maine. The son of Jerry and Linda (Murphy) Douglass. Chris, an intensely "Free Spirit," achieved much in his young life. Though taken from his loved ones too soon, he experienced more in this world than most people do in their lifetime.

From his expeditions across the country on wheels or on foot, to his marathons and ultras. A few of his many talents were finding hidden waterfalls, scheming the ultimate "thing you just don't do," film, photography, cooking a photo worthy meal, explaining his ideas in such depth you fully believed in them, motivating others to find their potential and turning any negative into the most positive you can imagine.

He found it impossible to remain comfortable - to him the goal was to be uncomfortable and watch the adventure unfold. On May 31, he was prepared for his next journey - a walk from Colorado to Maine (with no hitchhiking allowed). This was an effort to prove how small this world is and how obtainable any goal truly can be.

A strong will can survive the unimaginable. He will be thought of many times over as we enjoy what he lived to do; hiking (off trail), running, biking, meeting people, understanding individual hopes, listening and creating music or simply relaxing to the sounds of our world.

An inspiration to us is a quote from him; "the best I can figure is that we've been told too many times that adventure just isn't in the cards for everyday folk like you and I. It's reserved for the people we read about in books and magazines...not mere mortals like us. Well, I'm not buying it."

He is survived by his parents, Jerry and Linda Douglass of Lisbon; two brothers, Jerry Douglass Jr. and his wife, Annette, of Mechanic Falls and Dennis Douglass and his wife, Jody, of Lisbon; a sister, Bethany Douglass of Temple; close friends, Ame White of Denver, Colo., and Glen Giasson of Auburn; his grandfather, James Murphy of Jay; aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and a great-niece.

He was predeceased by his grandmothers, Pearl Murphy and Grace Douglass; grandfather, Otis Douglass; and his best friend "Shiva."

With a broken heart,


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Vermont 50
By Chris Douglass

I smile a goofy endorphin induced smile and let my legs carry me effortlessly through the woods for the next 40 minutes. And then everything changes. I hit another wall. And this time I don't break through it. From mile 37 on the race turns into a death march. I struggle constantly to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Every patch of moss ....

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